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    A Little About The Jewel Mama

    Hi! I’m Letty, creator of The Jewel Mama. I started making gemstone jewelry on my dining room table a few months after I had my baby. I’ve worn crystal bracelets and carried crystals for years. After I had my baby boy, I was looking for certain crystal healing bracelets, something to help this new mama out! For months, I couldn't find anything that I liked or at the price point I was looking for so I decided to make my own. I started making bracelets and posting them on Instagram. After friends and family started asking me to make custom bracelets for them, I decided to give my new hobby a name and I started an Instagram page for my handmade jewelry creations. Soon after, I started getting requests for custom orders and started shipping The Jewel Mama pieces all over the U.S! I come from a television writer/producer background and starting a new jewelry business from the ground up has been fun. It’s great to receive messages from my customers sharing how much they love my jewelry pieces and how they feel good energy as soon as they open The Jewel Mama jewelry box. I take pride in every handmade piece and all jewelry is saged before delivery to create positive energy. The plan has always been to give back and a portion of The Jewel Mama proceeds will be used to give back to charities, organizations and causes that are dear to my heart.

    The Jewel Mama